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How to play MASH

Classic game with pen and paper

The classic game of MASH the game requires at least two people - one fortune teller, one fortune tellee. MASH is so much more fun with lots of people though.

First, the fortune teller should write M.A.S.H. at the top of a blank piece of paper (which stands for Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House). The fortune teller will also write down various categories.

Some of the classic MASH categories include:

Next, the person having their fortune read should give 3 to 4 possiblilities for each category which the fortune teller writes down below each. For example, "Names of person you will marry" - (The elephant man, Matt Damon, Robert from Math class, Tom the mailman). Mix it up a bit by putting 1 or 2 answers which would make an AWESOME future and 1 or 2 answers which could make your future quite difficult!

After all categories have 3 to 4 possible answers, the fortune teller begins drawing a spiral in the middle of the page. The person who's fortune is being told should close their eyes and say "stop!" whenever they're ready. The fortune teller counts the number of rings the spiral has and uses that as the "MASH fortune number".

Starting at M, the fortune teller should skip every "MASH fortune number"'th item and eliminate (cross out) the entry you land on. Continue to cross out every nth entry until a category only has one item left. Circle that item. Skip any category with circled item until all categories have one item circled. This is the fortune tellees future!

Sample fortune:

You will marry Tom Brady, spend your honeymoon in Hawaii, live a huge mansion, have four kids, go to college in Prague, and get around on a blue bicycle!

MASH the Game for iPhone, iPod and iPad

Very similar to the classic game but MUCH more fun! Use your Facebook friends' info for the answers to categories like Career, Honeymoon locations, Colleges, etc! Share your stories on Twitter, Facebook, tumblr. Any answers with your Facebook friends' are considered "Facebook Menntions!" and will be posted as such. Check out the "How to play MASH" screen shots below:

Download MASH+ the Game for iPhone, iPod and iOS!
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MASH the Game for Facebook

Same as MASH+ for iOS except for Facebook! How cool is that??